Why Wills And Revocable Trusts Are A Smart Combination

When clients come to visit us at Liberty Street Estate Planning Law, they are sometimes surprised that we can offer a will and the creation of a revocable trust as part of a one low-priced package. Many persons who search online for legal guidance in estate law planning may assume that if they have prepared a will with the assistance of an online program, they have "covered all their bases" as far as planning for the future of their estate is concerned.

Our founding attorney, Tom Greene, pairs wills and revocable trusts together because he believes that they complement one another in significant ways and offer flexible options not available by simply writing a will.

Why It Is Smart To Add A Trust To Your Estate Plan

There are many reasons to consider using a revocable trust in combination with a will in your estate planning. Here are a few of the most important:

  • A trust can place all of the assets you designate as part of the trust — and provide an immediate pathway for your successor trustee to distribute them immediately after your death, without probate.
  • A will can designate an estate administrator, a guardian for minor children, and whom you do and do not want to receive the assets of your estate.
  • A will and a revocable trust, drafted in conjunction with each other, can save your survivors the hassle of being unable to access your assets for months after your death, as can be the case when probate is involved.

Our firm examines the financial condition of your estate closely and I can advise you on your options for protecting your legacy. The documents we draft for you will be tailored precisely to ensure asset protection is maximized and that everything will be safely transferred after you pass away. Also included in our planning packages are advance directives for health care, and power of attorney documents to authorize an agent to speak on your behalf if you are incapacitated.

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